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The Junk Food Days Are Over

Welcome to my first personal blog post! If you’re reading this blog it probably has to do with your interest in Advocare. If you’ve ended up on my blog but don’t know what Advocare is then check it out here!

Note: I’m not a dietitian, doctor, or someone who can determine what is best for your body. I’m just a blogger who would like to share her experiences with those who are interested!

Advocare was introduced to me by my sister who started the 24-Day Challenge, a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program, this past summer. I was skeptical of it at first. When I started to see her results, however, I immediately was interested.

The challenge consists of two phases, the Cleanse and Max which need to be paired with healthy eating and exercise. This is from Advocare’s website,“The first 10 days of the challenge are the Cleanse Phase. This phase helps you remove waste, preparing for optimal nutrient absorption. During the Max phase, days 11-24, you’ll give your body the best tools to achieve your next weight-management goal”.

After I saw my sister’s results after only a week I wanted to give it a try. By the end of it she had lost numerous inches and 7 lbs. I began my 24-Day Challenge during the summer. Every past summer I kept telling myself that I was going to work and eat healthy. I told myself I’d have limited junk food, pizza, mac & cheese, etc. Each summer I failed myself until recently.

What I personally liked about the challenge is that I paid for it so I felt like I had to stick to it. It gave clear instructions and guidelines to follow, which I never had before!

Through the challenge I had achieved the results I wanted and a lifestyle change but I have decided to complete another challenge starting October 17th, 2014!

I was happiest about more definition in my face!

I was happiest about the definition in my face. 11 lbs down!

So why am I doing this again? To help others and lead the way! My boyfriend and roommate both are doing the challenge so I thought it would be great to do it together.

I can’t wait to begin 🙂

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